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The Creative Society is a project of all humanity that provides the opportunity to bring our civilization peacefully to a new stage of evolutionary development in the shortest possible time.

INTERNATIONAL ONLINE FORUM: Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want To Live | International Online Forum on May 7th, 2022

Online Forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE” is a large-scale and unprecedented event organized by the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. The broadcast took place on thousands of channels of social and media platforms around the world. The event was initiated and implemented on a volunteer basis with people’s own efforts and resources

The last war of humanity has begun. It is an undeclared war. For the first time in history, all humankind faced a common external enemy. The enemy is the climate. It is necessary to unite all people in the name of the future of humanity in the face of planetary danger. Because we are people and we want to live.

The purpose of the Forum is to truthfully and objectively inform humanity about the growing danger of climate and environmental disasters; reflect the real scale of multiple crises in the consumerist format of society; and consider practical solutions to overcome all crises through the building of the Creative Society.

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