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Project Campaign: Building Peace and Empowering the Aguu Community

Objective: To promote sustainable community development, build peace and reconciliation, and empower marginalized groups in the Aguu community in Northern Uganda.

Target Audience: The campaign targets the Aguu community, government agencies, civil society organizations, traditional leaders, religious institutions, and other stakeholders in the region.

Key Messages:

  • We are committed to building a peaceful and inclusive society in the Aguu community.
  • Our goal is to empower marginalized groups, including women, children, and youths, through education, employment opportunities, and income-generating activities.
  • We aim to address the root causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion.
  • We believe in the power of community engagement, collaboration, and participation in promoting sustainable development and peacebuilding.
  • We support government efforts to address conflict and promote reconciliation, justice, and basic services for all.


  1. Social media campaign: Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to raise awareness about the project and share success stories.
  2. Community meetings: Host community meetings to engage with local leaders and the Aguu community to understand their specific needs and concerns.
  3. Documentary film screening: Organize a public screening of the documentary film produced by GPSU to raise awareness about the issues facing the Aguu community and promote support for the project.
  4. Workshops and training sessions: Host workshops and training sessions to equip marginalized groups with the skills and knowledge they need to participate fully in the project and become self-sufficient.
  5. Public events: Host public events such as peace marches, cultural festivals, and sports tournaments to bring the community together and promote social cohesion.
  6. Media outreach: Use traditional media such as radio and newspapers to reach a wider audience and promote the project’s goals and objectives.


  1. Attendance at community meetings and public events.
  2. Social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.).
  3. Documentary film views and audience feedback.
  4. Number of workshops and training sessions conducted and attendees.
  5. Media coverage and reach.

Budget: The budget for this project campaign will depend on the scale of the activities, the duration of the campaign, and the number of stakeholders involved. However, a rough estimate would be around $29,500.

Timeline: The campaign will run for one year, with activities planned on a quarterly basis. The timeline is flexible and subject to change based on project needs and availability of resources.

Overall, this project campaign aims to raise awareness about the challenges facing the Aguu community and promote support for the GPSU’s initiatives to promote sustainable community development, build peace and reconciliation, and empower marginalized groups. By engaging with the community, collaborating with stakeholders, and addressing the root causes of conflict, the campaign aims to create a more inclusive, just, and equitable society in Northern Uganda.

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