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Rotarian Malaria Partners (“RMP”)

The Rotarian Malaria Partners (RMP) Small Grant Program is designed to provide applicants up to $10,000 for anti-malaria projects for one year or to augment existing funding committed to previously approved Rotarian malaria related projects*.  Approved projects will receive $5,000 from RMP matched by $5,000 from a fund established by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and administered by the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation.  Applications are subjected to a competitive grantmaking evaluation process.

The following criteria are relevant:

  1. The application is for a malaria control/prevention/elimination project;
  2. The application is submitted and sponsored by a Rotary Club in good standing with Rotary International;
  3. Indicates that the host club and its implementing partners will agree to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Rotarian Malaria Partners;
  4. The applicant Club presents evidence of previous Rotary project experience;
  5. Specifies the number of direct beneficiaries of the project;
  6. Includes measurable baseline data (ie. pre-existing condition data) and quantifies benchmarks against which the degree of success will be measured;
  7. Explains howthe project will have a sustainable impact over time, beyond just the duration of the project implementation period;
  8. The sponsoring Rotary Club commits to provide a meaningful level of funds that will be deposited in a project account prior toreceiving the RMP grant and matching funds;
  9. Provides a project budget showing in detail the sources and uses of project funds, including unit cost and source information;
  10. Lists in-kind contributions, if any, separate from the financial budget;
  11. Lists and describes role, background and legitimacy of all implementing partners;
  12. Describes the involvement of the host Rotary Club members;
  13. Describes how the sponsoring club and RMP will receive recognition in and/or beyond the community it serves (signage, media reporting, etc.).

*Applications that have Rotary Club, District, Rotary International and/or private funding commitments will receive extra credit in the RMP evaluation process.

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