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In this video, we’ll be talking about the “Life of Aguu Project,” a documentary series and feature film by Global Pathways to Success Uganda (GPSU).

The Northern Region of Uganda has been affected by violent conflict for over 22 years, leading to the establishment of communities like the “Aguu Community” in Gulu district. These communities, as well as IDPs in the region, face numerous challenges such as lack of access to basic needs, trauma and mental health issues, gender-based violence, limited access to education, inadequate housing and infrastructure, and lack of legal protection.

GPSU has been conducting social surveys to understand the challenges facing the “Aguu Community” and similar communities in the Northern Region and is planning to raise awareness of the issues through a documentary series and feature film. The organization is supporting government efforts to address the root causes of poverty, conflict, and social exclusion by providing technical assistance, working closely with stakeholders, and empowering marginalized groups. Through its initiatives, GPSU is promoting sustainable community development, building peace and reconciliation, and empowering marginalized groups in the Northern Region of Uganda.

The “Life of Aguu Project” aims to document the progress made by GPSU in implementing the project, provide valuable insights into what worked well and areas that need improvement, and ensure that the intended outcomes are achieved while developing strategies to maintain the project’s impact over time.

By prioritizing the needs of marginalized groups, GPSU is working towards building an inclusive, just, and equitable society. The project interventions include conflict resolution and peacebuilding, gender equality and violence prevention, education and employment opportunities, transitional justice and reconciliation, basic services, and governance. These interventions are intended to address the root causes of conflict and promote self-sufficiency among conflict victims, building an inclusive, just, and equitable society.

The expected results of the project are the documentation of progress, distribution of services to beneficiaries, continued campaigns, meeting with local leaders, and the development of an expansion work plan. Overall, the project aims to improve the lives of the beneficiaries, increase access to essential services, and strengthen relationships with local communities.

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