The Human Consequences of Jiggers: Juliana Kasibina

Paul, a farmer who works in people’s farms for pennies, holding his fourth born daughter, Juliana Kasibina. They live in Iganga district, are facing poverty, and the girl is malnourished. She used to bite her own hand due to hunger and they feed poorly and sleep poorly. He has five children but they all sleep in one small hut, with only a one-inch mattress and barely any beddings. Seven humans sleeping in a small hut presents many social and mental problems for the family. Juliana cannot walk, is retarded and, she got a medical condition that affected her brain due to delayed treatment. During the #GPSUBusogaCampaign in both 2019 and 2021, we were able to provide them with some food for the short term and, medical assistance, beddings and clothing are in plan for the long term. She got a device, which will assist her in walking again. We are also working with Paul to help him earn income for his family through meaningful work.