LIfe with Jiggers:Tibesigwa Esther

This young girl is Tibesigwa Esther and behind her is the mother. She is three years old and she was born mute and lame. Her father left the responsibility of raising her to the mother, who unfortunately is poor. What was supposed to be a joyful experience because it was her first child, turned instead into sorrow as she waited year after year for her daughter to walk and talk. During the outreach to Iganga District #GPSUBusogaCampaign on September 14 2021, we interviewed the mother who told us her daughter’s needs. They live in a house with no door and they have no beddings so they can only sleep on mats or clothing on the floor. For the short term, we were able to supply them with some food and, for the long term, beddings and a wheelchair. We are also working to help the mother find a way of generating income to sustain herself and her daughter.